Thursday, August 7, 2014

What a Hiatus!

I've come to visit my blogger account just today to create a new blog about health and wealth. And I realized that my old blog is still up and I am happy to know that there are a few page views even if I was gone for more than four years!

Yes, four years!

I've waited that long to blog again and I tell you now, there are lots of stories to tell. But I won't tell you anymore as that will surely exhaust me. Haha!

Anyways, I am back in the Philippines, hopefully for good, with my husband and 2 beautiful kids. Yay for that!

I am not missing working overseas and we've pretty much settled down here.

By the way, please visit my new blog here. It's a completely different type of Me. Haha. Something more serious.

When I have more free time, I'll start updating you with my daily nuisances (really?). Haha! But no, I'm a new person now so I'll share my positivities here too.


I'm glad to be back!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Learning his first words...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy 6th Anniversary Hubby!

Dear Hubby,
It's been six years.
And guess what?
We're still together.
Not since the wedding day.
But since that day we first met.
I am glad that you are The One.
I know we've gone through a lot of things in the past years (even today)
Both the bitter and the sweet
And yet, we are still in each others' arms.
I know we argue on a lot of things,
small and big ones,
even the tiniest ones!
But that's because we are both different.
Yet, we manage to complement each others' differences.
It may be the oldest adage,
but yes, "You complete me!"
I feel lucky for having you in my life.
I know that Kale Andrei is also lucky to have you as his Tatay.
So now, I would like to tell you,
even if you hear me tell you this everyday and everytime,

that "I Love You"

and "Thank You!"

and "I Miss You!" (kasi nasa work pa ko eh, see u later!)

Love and kisses,

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy 7th Month!

Happy 7th Month Kale Andrei!

How time flies so fast...

It's been seven months

but it seems like only yesterday when you were brought out of this world.

You were so small then.

And now, you've grown big and very active, learning to sit up, stand up and walk!

Everytime we look at your smile,

everything seems bright, and according to Tatay,

"feels heaven".

Indeed it is.

We love you so much baby!

May you stay healthy and cute (haha!).

With lots of love, hugs & kisses,
Nanay & Tatay

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Five days to go...

And he'll be seven months!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kale Andrei @ 6 months [in Pictures]

Enjoying his new walker

"wake up na Tatay"

Eating his rice cereal. Messy! Messy!

Caught in the act (again) eating Caterpi's antenna

Caterpi: Kale Andrei's favorite toy and foodie


Pacified? Haha!


Kale Andrei @ 5 months [in Video]

[Late Post]

This video was taken on 15th July 2010.

Kale Andrei’s fifth month.

This was his first day in Sharjah, UAE.

I was soooo tired and sleepy because of previous night’s flight Manila to Dubai.

I don’t want to reminisce the details of the 8-hour long flight plus some 2-3 hours of waiting at NAIA.

Just imagine a 45-kilo Mom (that’s me!), carrying her 8-kilo baby, who was fussy and couldn’t be tamed because he is with the Mom who was absent for more than 3 months! In short, nanibago!

But it’s all worth it.

I am so so so glad that we have our baby with us now.