Tuesday, August 18, 2009

He or She?

This is already long overdue but I thought sharing something that made me & hubby happy will also make you smile somehow.

This was taken during my 3rd visit (12 July) to my ob-gyne. Our baby on his/her 3rd month (12 weeks)!

The moment for me was very surreal. My doctor even laughed at me when she saw me teary-eyed while viewing the scan. Kaloka di ba? I just can’t help it.

I’m a proud Mama!!!!


Last 6th of August, I had my 4th visit because I wasn’t feeling well. Me and hubby are so worried because I am feeling some small contractions on my belly, which at first I thought, was normal. There was no pain.

Anyways, the doctor said that I don’t have to worry that much as long as I don’t have any bleeding or spotting and/or not feeling any pain. We had a short session of scanning the baby again to check for vital signs like heartbeat and fetal size whatever. She was also trying to verify the baby’s gender but she’s only 80% sure that my baby is a boy!!!!

Well, 80% is a lot already and I’m so happy and excited for a baby boy but hubby is still a bit hopeful that our baby is a girl. He’s got this mind-set already as he is, most of the time, unaware that he calls our baby on its girl name.

You see, we’ve thought already of a name for a baby girl (like 2 months before pa) but still can’t decide a name for a baby boy. Until now.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sweet & nostalgic

Sheesh!!!! I’ve been away for too long. But that doesn’t mean I forgot about blogging. The mood isn’t just kicking in.

I’ve been doing blog-hopping, though. Hehehe. Just to keep up with what’s happening around the blogosphere.

Lately, I am getting so addicted with one of the blogs in PEP.ph particularly Korek Ka John by John Lapus a.k.a. Sweet. Try reading his or HER entries and you’ll find yourself laughing and learning at the same time kasi may sense naman. I am currently back-reading all his entries since I want to know more about him and I am truly enjoying it. Parang stand-up comedy na rin in the form of blog. Although sometimes may mga kadramahan din, mas maraming funny entries. Grabe talaga kasi there are times na di ko talaga kinakaya. I just don’t know if you’ll feel the same way kasi mababaw lang ako when it comes to comedy. I find it therapeutic kaya siguro I got inspired to update naman my blog. Hahaha! After 48 years of katamaran!

In a way, his blog heals my homesickness na rin.

Swey & Sir Dhan

It reminds of my gay friends/former officemates especially Sir Dhan and Swey. I miss our posing sa mga pictures at mga rampa-rampa whenever we have events coming out in the resort/hotel/golf club. Funny moments din when we have beach outings na pabonggahan sa pagmodel sa beach or on our videoke gimiks na pabonggahan naman sa biritan. They have extra-ordinary singing talents kasi. I would surely visit them on my vacay by the end of the year. Hopefully!

with my sisters Leslie & Lassiel

It also reminds me of my Jollibee experiences especially when I was still in Pinas since super dami ng kwento ni Sweet about his connection sa Jollibee. Way back home, my little sisters would always text me on my way pauwi (after office) to order some take-outs in Jollibee near our place when they don’t like our dinner or when my Mom doesn’t feel like cooking for the night. On their text messages, they would always say, “Ate bili mo ko ng spag & chix sa Jollibee tonight. I’ll just pay later sa bahay.” But I never asked them to pay me since I was the one working naman and it’s my way of treating them in a small way. If I am in the mood and bagong sweldo naman, I would buy Jollibee meals for all of us sa bahay which includes my two Titas, my Mom, my two sisters and my cousin Pia.

When I buy so many meals like that, kandaugaga ako sa tricycle or sa padyak. I used to ride on tricycles nung una kasi mas mabilis. But there was this “bwiset” moment sa tricycle when I bought some meals from Jollibee. Since it’s very tiring holding up all the 3 Jollibee plastic bags plus my bag plus my wallet for the fare, I’ve put down the softdrinks next to my feet and the other bags on my lap. Habang gumagana ang trike, I heard some “thug!” noise but just ignored it since we were on the highway and I just wanted to be home the soonest time possible. It was just a 3-minute ride. After paying kay Manong, I can’t find the softdrinks! That’s when I found out na walang harang sa baba yung trike! Nagshower tuloy ng free Coke ang highway. From the next day on, loyal “padyak” passenger na ko. Kahit mabagal, at least kita ko ang mga dala ko kung mag-disappearing act na naman.

Kaya ngayon, my sisters and Titas miss me so much that when I call them up they’ll say, “Ate miss ka na namin. Pati yung Jollibee treats mo namiss na rin namin.”

Minsan napapaisip ako, “Ako ba talaga o ang Jollibee?”

Happy Birthday Mama!

her latest pic

my last New Year with her, 01 Jan 2008

It’s my Mom’s birthday today so I called her up this morning to greet her. She just turned 49! Shocks! She’s nearing her golden age nah and I hope makauwi na ko soon.

You know how much I love you and how much I care for you. I can’t say in here how much you’ve done for me and for us in the family coz you’re not reading my blogs naman and knowing you, you appreciate more the actions than the words. Hehehe. But I soooo miss you.