Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kale Andrei @ 6 months [in Pictures]

Enjoying his new walker

"wake up na Tatay"

Eating his rice cereal. Messy! Messy!

Caught in the act (again) eating Caterpi's antenna

Caterpi: Kale Andrei's favorite toy and foodie


Pacified? Haha!


Kale Andrei @ 5 months [in Video]

[Late Post]

This video was taken on 15th July 2010.

Kale Andrei’s fifth month.

This was his first day in Sharjah, UAE.

I was soooo tired and sleepy because of previous night’s flight Manila to Dubai.

I don’t want to reminisce the details of the 8-hour long flight plus some 2-3 hours of waiting at NAIA.

Just imagine a 45-kilo Mom (that’s me!), carrying her 8-kilo baby, who was fussy and couldn’t be tamed because he is with the Mom who was absent for more than 3 months! In short, nanibago!

But it’s all worth it.

I am so so so glad that we have our baby with us now.

Kale Andrei @ 5 months [in Pictures]

Getting ready

"Hey Tatay, hurry up!"

"Happy Birthday Nanay!"

At The Top entrance, with Tito Januar & Tita Leni

With Tita Florence.

At The Top open terrace. Happy Birthday Nanay & Tatay!

So tired na that Kale Andrei is asleep. We're just waiting for the dancing fountain below.