Thursday, August 7, 2014

What a Hiatus!

I've come to visit my blogger account just today to create a new blog about health and wealth. And I realized that my old blog is still up and I am happy to know that there are a few page views even if I was gone for more than four years!

Yes, four years!

I've waited that long to blog again and I tell you now, there are lots of stories to tell. But I won't tell you anymore as that will surely exhaust me. Haha!

Anyways, I am back in the Philippines, hopefully for good, with my husband and 2 beautiful kids. Yay for that!

I am not missing working overseas and we've pretty much settled down here.

By the way, please visit my new blog here. It's a completely different type of Me. Haha. Something more serious.

When I have more free time, I'll start updating you with my daily nuisances (really?). Haha! But no, I'm a new person now so I'll share my positivities here too.


I'm glad to be back!