Wednesday, June 10, 2009

all-day sickness and more

Since that day I came to know that I’m “expecting”, I’ve been very neglectful of my blogging and plurking activities.

I’ve been missing a lot lately.

I have known from other pregnant women how difficult pregnancies could become. But I never ever really thought that it is THIS difficult. It surely needs a lot of sweating and crying and flushing.

In the onset of my 6th week, I started feeling very uneasy in my stomach and some cold sweating EVERY morning. Medically, it is called “morning sickness”. On my part, it’s an all-day 24/7 sickness that can be triggered anytime, anywhere.

What causes my “all-day sickness” and vomiting spells:

1. Waking up in the morning or while taking a shower in the morning

2. After travelling or while travelling

3. The smell of anything being cooked

4. When feeling so tired

With the first one, it’s a real hardwork that every time, the task leaves me so weak to my bones, and tired (first thing in the morning!). I’ve tried sitting up first and eat some crackers before I leave the bed. I got this advice from a lot of pregnancy sites. Result: I don’t feel nauseated anymore but I still throw up the moment I go for the shower. And even if I my stomach is uber empty, I can’t help running to the nearest sink.

With regards to travelling, I thought that eating before or while travelling could help. I’ve also tried eating citrus fruits just to ease the queasy feeling. Result: It’s a hopeless case. The moment I reached my destination, I would run for the nearest toilet again or take out a plastic bag I always carry with me. Even at work, walang patawad (“no mercy”).

The third one is of course the most common among pregnant women. Like other moms-to-be, the smell of garlic cooking is very offensive. When I’m at home, since anything being cooked in the kitchen brings a pungent flavor around the house, I just usually stay in our room, lie down and cover my nose. Just to make sure I don’t smell anything. For me, anything being cooked is offensive on my ultra-sensitive nose. I don’t think there’s a cure on that but just to avoid it. This why I also don't cook lately. It's hubby's major responsibility now. Hehehe.

With the last one, I never knew it would be possible until last Saturday when me and hubby went to Sharjah City Centre. We arrived at the mall at 6.15pm and headed to Carrefour, the supermarket, for some stuffs. By 7pm, we were having our dinner at Pizza Hut, just because I was craving for pizza the other day. There is a mall-wide sale of up to 70% discount so we started strolling around the shops at past 8 o’clock, bought a pair of Nike for hubby and a blouse for me at Sun & Sands then started our way to the ground floor. We went to Splash for some super discounted clothes and goodies. I have found a dress, a pair of leggings and a nice comfy blouse. But when I saw the super looonnggg queue, I instantly felt tired and uneasy again. I was so sure I won’t be able to wait for my turn even if hubby could do it for me. From that very moment, I just wanted to go home and forego the opportunity of buying very nice and very cheap goodies. I was right anyway coz when we got home, the moment I changed my outfit to something more comfortable, I caught myself running to the nearest sink. Dinner wasted. It was very draining and “Eeewwww!”


Pregnancy surely gives anyone a new experience. I am right now on my 8th week (yippee!!!) and I just wanted to share some of my aversions and cravings.

Cravings? This is something very inconsistent to me. Today I like to eat mangoes, as in the Pinoy small green mangoes, with bagoong! Tomorrow might be a different craving. Some days I like balut or tukneneng or pancit palabok or malunggay with kalabasa leaves & flowers or KFC fries and chicken strips (Filipino version please). Or maybe I am just craving to be back home in the Philippines and enjoy more of Pinoy foodies. I miss home!

Aversions? I used to like porkchop A LOT! And now, I don’t even like the smell or the sight of it. Weird? But this one is the “weirdest” as my friend P calls it. I’m having an aversion to our laptop. I’m okay with my office PC or other people’s laptop. But when it comes to our own laptop, my blood boils. When I’m at home, I don’t like to turn it on or even see it lying on the table. When hubby uses it, I tell him to position it where I won’t be able to see the screen. And when hubby listens to songs, I ask him to shut it down or use the headphones instead.

It’s still normal right? LOL


Nevertheless, me and hubby are always excited about our little baby. Most nights, hubby would have some baby talks with my tummy. I do that too! Even if I am not feeling okay most of the time, the joy and happiness brought by "him/her" is just exhilarating. I once told my friend P in an email that I so wanted to just scream out of joy.