Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Baby Update

i want to thank God that by this time, my third month (Yay!),
the morning sickness is almost gone.
although i still can't have my stomach suuuuuper full.
i can only eat smaller meals but more frequently, according to my ob-gyne.


i had my first "official" prenatal check-up last 20 June. i'm so lucky to have found a filipina ob-gyne here in UAE as it is much difficult dealing with doctors who are not "kabayan". during the check-up, i had my blood tests done and also an ultrasound scan.

for the second time, i saw my little angel with tiny legs and arms. the head was already showing too! i was super ecstatic. my little angel is already 9 weeks 5 days & already 3 centimeters in length (wow!), according to the scan. and my expected due date is on 22 January next year, plus/minus ten days. can't wait for you to come out little angel!

i was prescribed prenatal multivitamins, Duphaston (pampakapit) and Navidoxine, which i can take if i feel like throwing up again. in my mind, i have to gain as much weight as i can. i know it's a bit difficult since i'm still having "morning sickness".

next check-up will be next week!


we also have to find a prenatal milk for me. Anmum!!!! i thought it's easy to look for this one. but hey, this is the Middle East and Philippines is like miles miles away. we can't find Anmum anywhere. some of the supermarkets that Hubby called almost everyday for like 3 weeks always have the same line of excuses.

"Dubai Customs blocked the Anmum shipment. Maybe we'll have them next week...blah blah blah...."


Last night, after almost two months of searching, we found an alternative for Anmum which is called Daily Mill. Hubby found it in a pharmacy some two blocks away from our building. had the first taste before going to bed. i'm not the powdered-milk type of person but it was good enough naman. Chocolate flavor kase. =)


i need to shop for a new wardrobe! i should have done the shopping last weekend but my laziness is on the highest level that day. i even rejected the idea of watching Transformers 3 that day.

anyways, my office pants won't fit me anymore!

would you believe? right now i am wearing my gray pinstriped pants for work and it's unbuttoned and unzipped!


i used a safety pin just to pull it together. anyways, my top is long enough for people not to take a peek of what the color of my undergarment is.

cenxa nah....all my leggings are up for laundry and i just forgot about them last weekend!

i'm setting this errand as high priority to-do after work. as in, seriously!


witsandnuts said...

Lucky you to have found a Filipina OB. One of my kababayan officemates is about to give birth soon. Recently she found out that if delivery is pre-term, required pala na sa government hospital sya manganak which is not her preference. Since yung check ups/records nya eh andun na sa isa. Hanggang sa choice of hospital eh regulated pa rin.

kg said...

it's so exciting to see the developments of the baby ano? lalo na pag lumabas na yan! naku!

anyway, i know there's one more reason that you're happy: federer winning the wimbledon! what a match ano? ang galing! love ko din si roddick actually, and i was sad for him. pero syempre mas gusto ko manalo si federer! cheers!

Yummybite said...

witsandnuts: hay naku..one reason kaya sa pinas ko gusto manganak eh dahil andaming che-che bureche dito...and i read one time sa gulf news this lady na hindi inadmit sa emergency ng isang hospital dahil daw preterm. sa kotse nanganak and yun nga, namatay yung baby. kakatakot. so december i'm coming home nah!!! yahoo!

kg: yup,,if pwede nga lang every check up eh makita ko sa ultrasound scan ang baby eh. hahaha! and talking about the wimbledon final, kapagod manood grabe...kahit doon jinijinx ni hubby..umabot tuloy ng 16-14. pero kawawa talaga si roddick. he had put up a good game but still our fed won. cheers for us!

Rico said...

Tiisin mo na lang yung mga gamot and milk. Pretty soon lalabas na rin sya. An friend/officemate just ahd her baby last week. Grabe ang laki, 9.6! So hinay hinay lang at baka sumobra rin laki nyan ;)

Leah said...

There's an Anmum milk in Philippine market in Deira. Kakabili ko lng last Friday. Everytime kz na napapadaan ako sa Philippine stuff market, i'm checking if they have Anmum and finally last Friday I got one :)

Anonymous said...

hi. i want to have a Filipino OB also, can you refer me to your OB please? i'm 1 month pregnant! thanks. God bless.

Janice said...

hi! i am on my 9 weeks. maybe, you could refer me your filipina OB-Gyne. Thanks and hoping to receive a positive reply from you. bye!

Yummybite said...

hi and congrats to new mommies like me!

my filipina ob-gyne is dra. clemencia. her clinic is in right medical center at king faisal road, sharjah. here is the number in the clinic: 06-555-1575. by the way, di pweding mag-set ng appointment sa clinic nila. first come, first serve basis. the ob-gyne's timings is 9am-1pm and 5pm-9pm. see you there!