Tuesday, August 18, 2009

He or She?

This is already long overdue but I thought sharing something that made me & hubby happy will also make you smile somehow.

This was taken during my 3rd visit (12 July) to my ob-gyne. Our baby on his/her 3rd month (12 weeks)!

The moment for me was very surreal. My doctor even laughed at me when she saw me teary-eyed while viewing the scan. Kaloka di ba? I just can’t help it.

I’m a proud Mama!!!!


Last 6th of August, I had my 4th visit because I wasn’t feeling well. Me and hubby are so worried because I am feeling some small contractions on my belly, which at first I thought, was normal. There was no pain.

Anyways, the doctor said that I don’t have to worry that much as long as I don’t have any bleeding or spotting and/or not feeling any pain. We had a short session of scanning the baby again to check for vital signs like heartbeat and fetal size whatever. She was also trying to verify the baby’s gender but she’s only 80% sure that my baby is a boy!!!!

Well, 80% is a lot already and I’m so happy and excited for a baby boy but hubby is still a bit hopeful that our baby is a girl. He’s got this mind-set already as he is, most of the time, unaware that he calls our baby on its girl name.

You see, we’ve thought already of a name for a baby girl (like 2 months before pa) but still can’t decide a name for a baby boy. Until now.


kg said...

wow! it's rare for a father to want a girl ha! usually boy ang gusto nila!

i'm excited for you yummybite! :)

sheng said...

Wow, 2 more months? I go fo a girl. pustahan ba to?

Yummybite said...

kg: hanggang ngayon kinukulit pa rin ako ni hubby na sana daw girl. nagsawa na yata sya sa mga pamangkin nya na all-boys. can't blame him. =)

sheng: hmmmm..hati ang partido ah. on my side of the family, ang gusto "boy". hubby's side of the family naman eh "girl" daw ang like nila. ikaw sheng pati na rin mga flatmates namin eh girl ang hula. mga barkada at officemates ko naman ang type eh boy. kaloka to.

rica said...

Wow! It's a boy!?

I'm 100% sure you too will be happy whether it's a boy or a girl!

Rico said...

Wow! A boy huh?! That's going to be quite a handful. Sabi nila mas malikot daw boys.
Ingat! *feeling John Lloyd*