Monday, May 18, 2009

bloggin vacay!

Dear Blog,

I am sorry for neglecting my blogging duties lately.


Husband had been sick last week and who else would take care of him but me? As soon as I get home, our kitchen is already waiting for my cooking acts. There was a time that I was sooo tired from work that I just ordered a take-out dinner for the two of us. Maybe that one will count as laziness for hubby but I just didn’t have enough patience and enough energy, even if I try to. Anyhows, hubby was able to eat his fried chicken, chicken shawarma and potato wedges without further complaints because I shut him up as soon as he attempt to. He’s just being stubborn that he wanted to sleep more than he wanted to eat.

Haler! He’s been sleeping the whole day already! What a sleepyhead!

His fever is already a bye-bye by Friday but his coughing remained up to now. Good thing I was kept unharmed by the virus!


It all started when I had BitTorrent installed in our lappy. I just can’t stop downloading movie torrents so I also can’t stop having movie marathons.

Sssshhhhh! I had around 8-10 successful movie downloads already in just one week!

Thursday night – The Pursuit of Happyness

Friday – I Love You Man, Marley & Me, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Saturday – You Changed My Life, Tropic Thunder

Sunday night – I Am Sam

It was the cheapest way (it’s free, right?) to watch flicks instead of grabbing cinema tickets for two. Of course we wanted to cinematic effect of watching a movie in the wide screen and with lights out. But lately (again), I just had to consider EXCUSE #1 aside from I AM TOO LAZY TO GO OUT!

This kind of internet habit is also the dirtiest (it’s illegal, I know, sorry) and most risky because you wouldn’t know if you’re downloading something un-safe to your PC. I just hope that the regular runs of my anti-virus software won’t fail me, or at least, warn me of signs. Also, you wouldn’t know how poor the quality of your downloads are. Of course, it would still be great having it on a wide screen. Maybe when I’m no longer too lazy.

By the way, tonight will be Gran Torino!


After reading my excuses in #1 and #2, it’s now very evident that my #3 excuse is so much like the reason of #2.


Or maybe not….

…because I just enjoyed wrapping my arms around hubby when he gets cold.

…because I just enjoyed my time being with hubby for the whole weekend.

…because we had our time to relax while eating, laughing, watching movies and joking around.

It was sort of catching up even if we almost always do it everyday.


Okay, I am being a bit mushy and cheesy here.

Bear with me.

I’m a bit demented at the moment.

Yours truly,


p.s. i hope edu and his anti-piracy team won't hunt me down, just in case "my new-found curiosity" was found out and is considered piracy (tell me how ignorant i am here, lol).


Garando said...

I'm guilty of the same thing. I use rapidshare though, it's a tad bit faster. All you need is "Raptor" an automated download tool for rapidshare.
check out and, that where I get news for upcoming goodies. :D

Oh, and Gran Torino is the MOST AWESOME film I've seen in 2008. It's absolutely beautiful! Sinipon ako sa ending. As in.

ms firefly said...

i was lazy for about a month myself. ^-^

taking a break is good, sometimes you just want to get away from it all, and hear yourself think. at least you had a lot of fun! ^-^

take care!

kg said...

kaya pala ha...i've been missing your post. it's ok though, because time spent with your husband is more important than blogging of course! :)

by the way, do you know federer beat nadal in madrid? a friend just told me. :)

Rico said...

Lately medyo tamad din kami. Last week, we skipped work on a Monday and we didn't render OT, hehe. Babawi sana kami this week but wifey has a stomach ache yesterday pa, plus tamad din. We'll see. Hope we have a productive week somehow. ;)

Yummybite said...

garando: it does make me feel guilty sometimes coz pirata pa rin eh. hahaha. but i'll have to try rapidshare. lol. by the way, we've watched Journey to the center of the Earth last night. tonight na lang daw ang gran torino.

odette: yup. taking a rest is one way to refresh your mind and do some relaxation. take care too.

kg: yup, just saw it in the net yesterday. pero naiinis ako sa mga negative write-ups about him being in denial of his losing power in tennis. anyways, we'll see what happens in roland garros. :)

rico:there are just times really that you feel so tamad you don't want to do anything useful. esp on weekends, instead of going out, we'd rather slouch and watch movies in our room. hope this week will be productive for us too! :)

witsandnuts said...

I have neglected my 'blogging duties' lately. Primarily because of Farm Town. Hahahha!

princess_dyanie said...

did u enjoy You Changed my Life? me love it! :P


Yummybite said...

witsandnuts: naku now i remember my potatoes, baka sira nah. blocked kasi sa office ang facebook eh. =(

dyanie: yup yup yup...i watched it with hubby. nung una pa-"yucky-yucky" pa sya, but in the end, napapasayaw ko na sya ng sundance at binigyan pa nya ng sarili nyang version ng power hug. i was laughing so hard then. =)