Tuesday, May 26, 2009

it's positive!

just a quick one here before i go to bed.
i know. it's crazy.
super happiness makes us crazy too.
i tried two pregnancy test kits last night and this morning. all positive! =)
and to confirm it all (before i blog about it), we went to an ob-gyne this evening.
i can't describe the feeling when i saw my tiny baby through the ultrasound. sorry if we weren't able to take a picture. it was just so fast and we were so happy and excited.
mixed emotions, i say.
this is why lately ---
i've been feeling a bit dizzy in the morning...
i've been having some crazy uneasiness in my stomach...
i've been having the urge to throw up...
i've been having aversion to some food/dishes that i usually like...
i'm 14 days delayed...
i am so laaaaazzzzzzyyyyyyy...
i am sooooo sleeeepppyyyyyy...
patience is not my virtue a.k.a. "irritable"...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a glitch in procreation

this is a repost from neri. very funny indeed!

love in the sand

I don’t know if you’ve seen this one but I just so wanted to share it to you. I’m still amazed every time I watch it. It's a work of art by Ilana Yahav, a world-renowned sand animation artist. Hope you’ll like it too!

Source: Sandfantasy.com , Youtube

Monday, May 18, 2009

bloggin vacay!

Dear Blog,

I am sorry for neglecting my blogging duties lately.


Husband had been sick last week and who else would take care of him but me? As soon as I get home, our kitchen is already waiting for my cooking acts. There was a time that I was sooo tired from work that I just ordered a take-out dinner for the two of us. Maybe that one will count as laziness for hubby but I just didn’t have enough patience and enough energy, even if I try to. Anyhows, hubby was able to eat his fried chicken, chicken shawarma and potato wedges without further complaints because I shut him up as soon as he attempt to. He’s just being stubborn that he wanted to sleep more than he wanted to eat.

Haler! He’s been sleeping the whole day already! What a sleepyhead!

His fever is already a bye-bye by Friday but his coughing remained up to now. Good thing I was kept unharmed by the virus!


It all started when I had BitTorrent installed in our lappy. I just can’t stop downloading movie torrents so I also can’t stop having movie marathons.

Sssshhhhh! I had around 8-10 successful movie downloads already in just one week!

Thursday night – The Pursuit of Happyness

Friday – I Love You Man, Marley & Me, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Saturday – You Changed My Life, Tropic Thunder

Sunday night – I Am Sam

It was the cheapest way (it’s free, right?) to watch flicks instead of grabbing cinema tickets for two. Of course we wanted to cinematic effect of watching a movie in the wide screen and with lights out. But lately (again), I just had to consider EXCUSE #1 aside from I AM TOO LAZY TO GO OUT!

This kind of internet habit is also the dirtiest (it’s illegal, I know, sorry) and most risky because you wouldn’t know if you’re downloading something un-safe to your PC. I just hope that the regular runs of my anti-virus software won’t fail me, or at least, warn me of signs. Also, you wouldn’t know how poor the quality of your downloads are. Of course, it would still be great having it on a wide screen. Maybe when I’m no longer too lazy.

By the way, tonight will be Gran Torino!


After reading my excuses in #1 and #2, it’s now very evident that my #3 excuse is so much like the reason of #2.


Or maybe not….

…because I just enjoyed wrapping my arms around hubby when he gets cold.

…because I just enjoyed my time being with hubby for the whole weekend.

…because we had our time to relax while eating, laughing, watching movies and joking around.

It was sort of catching up even if we almost always do it everyday.


Okay, I am being a bit mushy and cheesy here.

Bear with me.

I’m a bit demented at the moment.

Yours truly,


p.s. i hope edu and his anti-piracy team won't hunt me down, just in case "my new-found curiosity" was found out and is considered piracy (tell me how ignorant i am here, lol).

Sunday, May 10, 2009

my weekend roundup & emails

It has been a busy week and I was hoping that I could catch up with my blogging last weekend. I’ve got so many things to blog about but I didn’t have enough time. One thing are the loving goodies I received from Odette. I received my orders of lunchcards about two weeks ago. I’ll blog about it maybe this week if I have some spare time.

What made me busy aside from work?

Hubby was sick all weekend. It started last week Thursday when he was having persistent colds. Friday came, he was having slight fever and some dry coughing. Saturday, he’s feeling all sore and chilly that he needed to wear his pajamas and a sweater with fox fur to keep him warm.

Our Friday and Saturday were spent with foodies, DVDs and lots of sleeping. Just looking at Hubby dozing off after taking his medicines, my eyes also get droopy at the same time.

Last night, I was so worried of his rising temperature. Every two hours or so, I would suddenly wake up to check on him, like if he needs a new shirt as he sweats heavily even if he’s telling me he’s cold. I gave him a cold press on his forehead to minimize his temp. After several cold presses, his temperature finally came to “almost normal” (as I don’t have a thermometer at hand).

I feel relieved this morning when I touched his neck and forehead. It was a brand new experience for me as Hubby seldom gets sick.

Luckily, I still managed to grab some 5 hours (all in all) of sleep throughout the night. It’s not really good to have your first day of the week, at work, feeling all sluggish then dozing off to your desk by noontime. It’s global crisis everywhere and there is no complete assurance that your job is still there when you wake up from your “dozing off to your desk” moment.


In the office, first thing I do among my morning routines is to open my Outlook and check for incoming mails. I had five in my Inbox:

1. First one was sent by a colleague last Friday (8 May). So that means she went to work on a Friday? (which is equivalent to a Sunday). Anyways, it was about me moving on the other side of the building where I’ll be sitting next to this colleague. New office. New seatmate.

2. Second mail was sent by my guy friend P yesterday (9 May) at 1:58 AM! P works for an audit firm and the reason he’s still awake at this hour is because of audit deadlines. We were supposed to go out last Friday but he cancelled it since his manager had asked him to work in the weekend.

3. Still on 9 May, third one was from my boss. This, of course, is work-related.

4. Fourth one was from my other guy friend who is love-struck to my other girl friend. He just sent one of those forwarded mails with big “.wmv” attachments. Subject: The VocaPeople. I haven’t opened it yet due to the fact that the speakers of my office PC are disabled. I dunno why.

5. And the last one was from a former colleague who now works in the island of Cayman. She sent me an invitation to twit with her in the Twitter world. Unfortunately, Twitter is blocked in the office. “Tin don’t worry, I’ll twit you na lang sa Plurk. Lol”


Right now, I am waiting for the IT guy to get my things (PC, files and office thingies) moved on my new office with my new seatmate.

And I hope I won’t forget to send an invitation to Tin (to plurk instead).

Happy Mother's Day!

I sure miss my Mama.

Here are some hugs and kisses to all Moms out there!

Have a happy day!

[Photo Source]

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Boston Celtics Moving on to Semi-Finals!

[Photo Source: Yahoo! Sports]

If you’ve been reading my previous posts, you surely have now an idea that I’ve been following Boston Celtics Playoff Series this year.

Me and hubby weren’t able to watch Game 7 this super early morning due to time zone difference. We have calculated that the game should have started at 3AM, UAE time, so I have assumed that the game is over by the time I wake up. I woke up at 6.50AM and I immediately checked the result online.

Much to my surprise, time left is still 2 minutes and 45 seconds. I forgot the score as I was still so sleepy but it gave me a good feeling knowing that Boston Celtics are over by about 6 or 8 points. I went to take a bath and when I checked back, final results were 109-99 with Boston Celtics finally relieved to move forward to second round!

It was a long journey for them on the first round. And KG is not yet back, maybe for the whole playoffs season.

But I’m still so proud of the Celtics team for bringing out their best even if outnumbered by much younger and much energetic opponents.
For the first round of the Playoffs Series, they had 7 games and 7 overtimes! With all the hype and everything, it was so amazing.

Off to second round on Monday, they’ll be playing it off with Orlando Magic.

I am hoping against hopes!

Mabrook to Pacquiao! Mabrook Pilipinas!

[Photo Source: Yahoo! Sports]

CONGRATULATIONS TO MANNY “PACMAN” PACQUIAO for another bout he won yesterday night, Saturday, 2 May 2009 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

After all the news coverage about Ricky “Hitman” Hatton before their fight, I thought that Manny has finally found an ultimate match that would put to test his power and strength.

This morning, as I do my usual browsing with Yahoo Sports, I saw this headliner: Brilliant Pacquiao cements legacy with win

“I am surprised this fight was so easy,” said Pacquiao. “I did work hard in my training camp and it paid off. This is as big a victory for me as when I beat Oscar De La Hoya.”

I am not sure if the above statement was directly from Pacquiao verbatim or if it was edited. I’ll go for the latter. Lol

Nevertheless, what matters most is that Pacquiao made another victory not only for himself but for all Filipinos!