Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's not easy being away

Especially for that little boy

who had grown to your womb for nine months

who gloriously came out of you after hours of labor pain

who made you smile and cry and laugh at the first sight of him

who made you nervous and careful at the same time when you first carried him to your arms

who achingly cried for your milk or for just feeling wet

whose diapers you’ve changed every 4 hours or so

whom you sang lullabies to over and over again, until you ran out of songs to sing and makes you struggle to invent any humming sound

whom you made a warm bath in the mornings, between 9 and 11, and sponge bath in the evenings

whom you carried to the morning sun so his skin won’t turn yellow

whom you carried tirelessly for him to sleep, just so you’d feel his warmth and smell his baby skin

who makes you cry when he cries from his vaccines

who makes you worry all the time even if you’re just out for a bath

to whom you exchanged baby talks and funny made-up noises

who makes you sleep less at night because he just won’t sleep

who makes you, again, sleep less at night because even if he’s asleep, you just can’t help but watch him and wait for that smile to form his lips

who always makes you wonder if you are a good mother

who makes you think if you are doing the right thing for him


whom you ALWAYS LOVE

Kale Andrei, 5 days old

Kale Andrei, trying to be funny on his Day 6

Kale Andrei on his Day 7, looking fairly skinned

Kale Andrei, 1 month old, on his 3rd pedia check-up

Kale Andrei, you little cheat, you are now showing the signs of dark skin!
Celebrating his 1st month and his 1st Valentine!

Kale Andrei, one month and four days old, a day before my flight

Kale Andrei, the sexiest baby alive, hahaha, after daddy gave him his morning bath.
A day after my flight.


kg said...

thanks for sharing those photos! they made me smile! :)

what a cute bundle of joy! and i know how you feel about leaving your baby! :(

by the way, where are you ba? :)

Yummybite said...

balik dubai na ako kg..

super sad talaga ako kaya eto,,balik blogging na kahit busy sa work,,basta lang may mapagbuhusan. :(

Rico said...

Congrats! So cute! Mukhang pilyo ah! Akala ko you will give birth in Dubai. Sino naiwan mag-alaga sa baby mo? Grabe yan, kakamiss masyado.

Yummybite said...

@rico: oo kakamiss talaga..sobra..naiwan si hubby sa pinas and hopefully balik sya sa dubai with the baby on april after ko asikasuhin yung mga papers nila.

witsandnuts said...

I hope they'll be able to join you soon. Take care!