Tuesday, March 9, 2010

1 month & 3 weeks old

A cute darling he is.

His eyes reminds me of my dad.

Although my sister insists that it is “my” eyes.

When he was 2 weeks old, hubby nicknamed him “Red”

Coz every time he cries or concentrates for his poop

He turns SO red!

My hubby got him a new nickname though.


Short for Toblerone.

According to hubby, our baby’s skin color now is almost chocolatey.

But let’s forget about his color.

He’s just the cutest baby for me!

Last night I texted my hubby asking him to tell our baby that I love him and I miss him so much.

A few minutes after, I received the most touching message since I came back to Dubai:


“You know what? I told him what you’ve asked me.

He did reply. He smiled.

Then I tried telling him for the second time.

He smiled AGAIN! J


Awww....my heart just swelled.

And that, what I think is

“Love that goes the distance”


sheng said...

Wait, nasa Pinas na ba si Toby?

kg said...

that's so nice to hear! and i know that made you happy!

sana nga makasunod na sila ASAP! it's so hard being away from your child! :)

Yummybite said...

@sheng: yup, sa pinas ako nanganak eh.

@kg: i really hope it is ASAP. i didn't know that birth certificates are only available sa NSO 6 months after birth. we had to endorse it pa para lang i-rush.

Rico said...

That was so sweet nga. Sana maayos na papers nila so you guys can be together. Don't worry, we'll include that in our prayers too. :)