Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a boon or a bane?

while searching for nice lappy (a.k.a. laptop) reviews at CNET UK, i got curious with their Crave tab. it says it's "the gadget blog from CNET UK", which features the latest cravings-slash-happenings-slash-gadgets in the techie-world.

lots of interesting things in here.

anyhows, this caught my attention after browsing a few pages: the Google Street View.

"Clear the streets: Google Street View is here! Yes, from today, if you live in one of 25 cities, including London, Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh, you'll be able to navigate 360 degrees through photographs of your town from the comfort of your browser.

"To use Street View, zoom into the closest magnification in Google Maps or Google Earth and click on the Street View link. You can then use the arrows to scoot up and down streets, click and swipe your mouse to look around, or drag the little flying orange dude -- Pegman, he's called -- to new locations. Endless fun.

i had it a try.

just go to Google Maps UK, then click "Street View in UK"

you can have different views of the street you have selected and will also provide you an approximate address. this is the west side of the address given [12 Knockbreda Gardens, Belfast, Northern Ireland].

this is the frontal view of the same address


i had fun doing this. it can be a great help for those lost in the streets of UK or for those looking for an available parking space.

the creepy part is that you can't hide anything from the world now. anyone can have a look at your home/street (in UK).

whatever happened to privacy?


if this ever becomes available in the Philippines, how will Google Maps manage to provide an "approximate address" to the slum areas of Metro Manila? and how about the thousands of islands scattered in our archipelago?

*just a thought*



ms firefly said...

ohmymama, this is unbelievable!
my neighbors were talking about the google car with the camera mounted on top, running through the streets in our neighborhood few weeks ago. so this is the result of it, i've only seen it now. i'm glad dublin is not yet included, i think it's invasion of privacy.