Saturday, March 28, 2009

new inspiration to blog?

i've been eyeing this lappy for a while. and it's even one of my wishlist for my birthday.


got my, err, our new baby

our very own Sony Vaio SR

got smitten by the glossy pink color!

[good thing that hubby was not "that" particular with my gurly craving]

although at the last minute, he got into serious thinking about the color.


hubby: bite, bakit nga ba pink?

bite: eh hubby yung black naman super dull ang color. i won't be happy using a black lappy. [pacute smile]

hubby: how about a bigger and wider screen? good for watching movies. [eyeing that black boring Toshiba with 15" screen]

bite: hubby naman, how can i bring a sturdy heavy lappy when i'm so skinny na nga. besides, it's not even pink. [eyes rolling]

hubby: *sigh* [i guess he was thinking if the lappy is really for "us" or just for "me"]

carlo the pinoy salesman: sir ayos na tong Sony Vaio basta masaya si ma'am.

hubby: happy ka ba dito bite?

bite: [smiling triumphantly] tara kaskas na natin!