Wednesday, March 4, 2009

gaining something or nothing

yesterday, i have googled my food listings for calorie counts.

then, i came across this caloric needs calculator and the result for my current weight?


i need 1,125 kilocalories** a day to maintain my current weight of 90 pounds.

but! i also just discovered from this website how many calories i need to take for my dream "100-pound yummybite".

the requirement? 1,250 kilocalories, at least.


after all the googling and finally making a food/calorie table. i printed it out and planned to post it on our closet door. i could have posted it on the door fridge but we don't have our own (common fridge with other flatmates), as a constant reminder sana while preparing our meals.

nevertheless, i just want to share how much calorie intake i had yesterday.

see that yellow highlight?

oh yes! i've had 1,434 kilocalories yesterday!
i've reached and surpassed my goal even without the desert and the bread i've eaten in betweens, with which i don't know how to compute the calorie contents.
*fingers crossed*
seriously! hah!

and with the variety of filipino food, ingredients and other pampalasa, just how can i calculate the calorie count of adobo, sinigang or kare-kare?


Note: on most food labels, kilocalorie = calorie.



witsandnuts said...

I'd like to have that same concern. But I badly need to loose weight. I'm eating a lot with little exercise.

yummybite said...

bcoz work is taking up much of our time and energy, most weekends you'd just like to lie down while munching something. on my part, i need to double my food intake naman. lol

kg said...

grabe! ang tyaga mo naman to take note all of the food you ate! at least you know you went over you limit! he! he! bawas today! :)

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yummybite said...

oo nga eh. but it's so difficult to resist the food temptations!