Monday, March 2, 2009


most people on this planet gets very desperate finding ways to lose weight and burn down those calories piling up on the belly sides. the real world will never get tired coming up with solutions whether using high technology or the natural way. even the world wide web won't run out of resources for those too eager to dispose the "extras".

"weight loss" would return 117,000,000 results from google and typing
"diet" would return 162,000,000 results.

yahoo has a much wider resource for the same terms, you would get 531,000,000 and 870,000,000 results respectively.

as you see, there were too many helpful sites about losing weight and diet thingies that the net is overly crowded with advertisements (mostly).

for the most (or whole?) part of my life, i've never been interested with losing weight. i'm on the other side of the fence.

slim, petite, underweight, malnourished, buto-buto (all bones and no muscle), kite (as in saranggola ni pepe), yatot, payatot, poste, anorexic, bulimic

these were my categories ever since, and forever and ever na yata ito.

i'm the one at the center

i am neither anorexic nor bulemic. i eat a lot actually. and i get hungry all the time. and i love chocolates and ice cream and pasta!

just today i've tried searching the net for "gain weight" and yahoo has returned 185,000,000 results only compared to diet and weight loss. but but's still in the milliones side so it's still okay. i won't be able to look on to all of the searches anyway. i'm pretty sure that only a handful would be truly helpful and genuine.

the net is flooded with advertisements and promises. the worst is that some of these ads are really harmful and would cause side-effects that would only put you in danger. e.g. steroids

i had my own experience back in college with this chinese herbal medicine called "ling zhi" (not the complete name) that promised to boost my appetite. it did worked on me putting up some 10 more pounds within 2 weeks of use (sorry i don't have pics of me) but it didn't feel right at the same time. the first week i've taken it, i had palpitations, and i can't stop eating. even when i'm already on my bed at 11pm and really really sleepy, my tummy would release a growl that will surely frighten the person next to me (like my sister who would sharply turn her on my side). i would have 5 heavy meals as in with a plateful of rice everytime. i even remember having my stomach so full that i had a difficulty breathing.

that of course alarmed me. and my hubby too (then boyfie). he told me that although he loves hugging the new "tabachingching" me, it doesn't look right on me. parang nagmamanas daw coz my upper body remains the same (except for the face where the manas is evident).

tsk tsk tsk!

so i stopped it eventually even if i'm so tempted to go on with it. good thing i did not gave in to temptations. too risky.

i once searched the net about the herbal medicine and it turned out it contains high level of
parang candies...heehee...

that routine lasted until 6th grade coz in high school, i started the caplets of Centrum naman.

hmmm...up til now, me and my siblings are still wondering where did the vitamins went.

i have tried so many things useless and thoughtless. my cousin told me i should eat more fast-food so i would grab a burger or fries or pizza any chance i got. nothing happened. just feeling bloated with the trans-fat that came with it. my other friend asked me to eat more chocolates coz it worked for her and she thinks that it would work for me. i think she lied to me *silly me*

it is so difficult pa naman for me to gain weight. if i have this routine of eating 4 heavy meals for 6 consecutive days gaining 1 pound per day, just missing the routine on the 7th day would burn down the 6 pounds i've earned. back to zero again!

tipping the scale is like suspense to me everytime

i know, i know. that most people (girls) would envy the slim-ness of me. i'm a size "0" or size "8" (UK). but then, i don't get to see much of my sizes on the clothes rack. i also get frustrated with the limited range of "extra smalls" on shops that i so love. especially with jeans! i love skinny jeans but most pairs i adore are either too long for my petite-ness or just too roomy for my skinny legs. how can i even call them "my skinny jeans" if there's still a room for one more leg!

dang! [thinking about the most coveted dress that i can't wear unless repaired, which is not so fabbity]

this is me. just being whiny and unpredictably ungrateful.

was this just purely hereditary or simply high-speed metabolism?

or both?


kg said...

wow! first story i hear of someone actually wanting to gain weight. well, i can feel for you because my sister was once like that. mahirap din diba when you're petite and thin? like the clothes, iba ang bagsak kung puro ka buto kesa sa may laman.

well, i do envy you, pero dun lang sa part na you can eat anything you like...he! he!

have a great week yummybite!

yummybite said...

thanks kg! anyways, naisulat ko lang yan ngayon coz i noticed this morning how empty my closet is. gustuhin ko man magshopping, naiinis ako kasi puro big sizes ang meron dito.

ms firefly said...

i don't get so fat also, and it's difficult to find clothes in petite sizes here. i look forward to going home and shopping for clothes that really fit! ^-^

yummybite said...

me too odette!!! top on my to-do list when i got back home to pinas is shopping shopping shopping!

hopefully this november or earlier na sana. lol

Rico said...

I was also skinny when I was young. And I did try to gain weight. I remember eating a pint of ice cream and drinking milk every night just to gain weight, but I only gained a few. But now that I'm older, I'm having a hard time shedding the extra pounds. I guess my metabolism changed when I grew older.

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yummybite said...

hi rico!

i did that too. ice cream and all sweets. my friends are waiting what would i look like when i get preggy nah. they think that's the only way for me to gain weight. lol.

thanks for dropping by.