Tuesday, March 31, 2009

pain, pain, go away

i took a day off today as i'm again not feeling so well.

i've been having sharp abdominal pains that are gastric-like since saturday night and it was getting difficult getting up from the bed or standing up from the chair. also, the past week i also started having chest pains once or twice in a day.

i've stopped my medication last week thursday, so the pain is creeping back to my senses. passing urine, stool, as well as gas, really hurts my tummy muscles.

hubby asked me not to force myself on long walks and too much movement as it might slow down my way to full recovery.

this morning i decided a trip back to my doctor so he could explain what's happening to me. he performed the physical examination in my abdomen and also pelvic area, then asked the nurse to take me to the laboratory for a urine test, stool test and blood test.

i wasn't able to provide my stool even if i tried my very hardest to force it out in the toilet. i've had two trips in the toilet and stayed there for some ten minutes, but still, no stool. i went back to the doctor after some 30 minutes when the urine and blood test results were in. he didn't bother much about the "stool" thing when i asked him anyway.

the doctor's verdict on me:
-slight UTI
-and a trip to the pharmacy for my prescription

and my biopsy result was released already. they did not let me have a copy but i took a peek on the reports (aside from the doctor's explanation that the ovarian cyst is benign). my doctor said it would be safe to be preggy after 3-6 months as i need to fully recover from the major surgery i had.

i'll be seeing the doctor after two weeks. or sooner if the gastric-like pain doesn't go away [hope not].