Sunday, February 22, 2009

appointment for the day

it's my appointment today for the emirates ID so i'm leaving work early. it would be an hour (at least!) of commute from our office in sheikh zayed (dubai) to al taawun mall (sharjah). i hope that there will be a bus coming as soon as i leave the office. i don't want to waste time just waiting for the RTA buses.


i am going alone and i hope i can handle it well (the procedures) coz really i am not used to talking with the locals here. it's either i don't understand them or vice versa. and i still do have the jitters when i speak to them. i thought i'm no longer scared of them. well, i guess talking to them is way different than just seeing them.

i really don't have anything against the locals here. i just get intimidated by them. i hope i won't be as scared as i think now.

and i hope that this ID registration will be over soon.

it's already 2.48pm. i'm leaving at 3pm. my appointment will be at 7.50pm.

noticed the time difference between leaving the office and my appointment? you see, traffic in dubai-sharjah road is like chaos and soo unbearable (even on saturdays!). lots of allowance time for traffic.

and by the way, i also need to pick up my atm card at emirates bank at sharjah city centre. i have to do this before i go for the ID. i hope i won't be late.