Wednesday, February 25, 2009

express lane

everybody in the office are surprised that people from sharjah came early.

office timings start at 9am.

we came at 8am!!!

i was half-asleep already when we took the al wahda road (sharjah) at 7.45am. then before taking the ittihad road, the bus should be taking a right turn going to al khan area. the bus never took the right turn. it went straight up to ittihad road and has never slowed down a bit. my eyes flew open the moment i realized this and at first i can't believe that we were taking the road that is usually heavily congested with vehicles bound to dubai. road-blocks gone, the road was clear and it was like a friday (weekend here)!

The RTA's project that began in 2006, completion is targeted on June 2009.

i think the RTA deserves the thumbs up today for a job well done. their al ittihad road project, even if it's not yet 100% complete, is already working well. from the usual 1 and a half hour trip/traffic, it was down to 15 minutes only!

the downside for me today? i did not have my usual 1-hour sleep time in the bus. even my colleague clara is sleepy already.