Wednesday, February 18, 2009

If only...

1. i am at home, i might be enjoying right now an afternoon siesta with the soft pillows (very inviting!)

2. i have tickets for Dubai Tennis Championships, i can watch Roger Federer playing live!

3. i am size 10, i can have a wide range of clothes to wear *sigh*

4. pinas and dubai is just like pinas and singapore, flying back and forth at home won't be that costly (going home pinas every month won't be a bad idea)

5. money is not a problem, i'll go shopping till i hate shopping *toinks*

6. there is more time available to relax, i would love to enjoy a spa

7. i am a good wife, i will never hate household cleaning (tamad talaga eh, although i cook naman.)

8. hubby is reading this, he'll surely talk to me tonight about number 7 (hehehe) *peace tayo hubby*

9. hubby is lazy, maybe i would love household cleaning (that is yet to be seen)

10. there are 5 days of rest in a week, i will surely gain some weight! (desperately lazy)

11. it's 6pm already, i'd be happy to go home and sit infront of the telly

12. all of the above were true, i won't be writing all these "if onlys"!

--just a wishful thinking here...