Monday, February 23, 2009

quest for the ID

update from yesterday:

i reached sharjah city center at 4pm and got my atm card at emirates bank. then took a cab going to al taawun center.

i was at al taawun mall at 4.30pm and i got lost for finding the EIDA center for about 15 minutes. at the information counter, i was given the token (number slip) and was asked to sit outside waiting for my number to be called out.

it was a long wait. good thing i brought Eclipse to keep me company. after several chapters (and hours), my number (754) flashed into the screen along the counter number (4).

finally! at 6.30pm i was entering counter number 4 and after some typing, i paid 320 dirhams (300 for processing and 20 for empost). the local lady ushered me to an adjoining room where pictures and finger (or rather, palm) scanning is done. it took us 20 minutes before the scanning was completed because my hands have very fine prints and the scanner was having a difficulty tracing them.

i thought there would be another procedure after that but the local lady told me i'm done already and i can go home.


after almost 2 hours of waiting, the whole process just took me 30 minutes.

my colds got worst when i got home. good thing that hubby was kind enough to cook the dinner for me. sinigang na baboy!!! *yummy*

i was not able to take pictures because i was really feeling tired and weak.