Sunday, February 15, 2009

my dear valentine

yesterday was supposedly a happy and lovely day since it's that time of the year where people, mostly couples, celebrate the grandeur of their love and affection for each other.

my day was very uneventful. hubby left the flat at 7.30am for work, right after my good-morning-happy-valentines kiss from him. i barely uttered my reply. for some moment of my sleepiness, i wonder if i really did reply. i'll have to confirm this to hubby tonight. *silly me*

with the other night not having enough sleep, i surrendered to another slumber and woke up at past 11 already. it's my "first day" of that girl thing of the month and my body from waist down just feels really heavy and cramped. i just had cereals for my lunch because i really don't feel like eating when i'm in this kind of pain. it doesn't make me feel hungry at all.

to keep me company the whole boring day, i played with my psp, read some chapters from eclipse, watched telly and checked my friendster. i received a text message from Mama so i called her up. we missed each other so much that aside from exchanging our valentine greetings, we also talked about beauty products that she is currently using (eventhough she knows how un-vain i am), and made some catching ups with my sis Leslie.

for dinner i have cooked mixed veggies and breaded shrimps. my hunger strike took its toll on me that by 7pm, hubby's still not home and i'm already starving. i waited with patience coz i can't let myself or hubby eat our dinner alone. by 9pm, i'm already ringing his mobile. the culprit must have been the super traffic at dubai-sharjah road! i was right!

the door opened at 9.20pm and there hubby is with some grocery stuffs (or so i thought). i didn't bother to check what he's brought coz really i'm dying already of starvation. but when i followed him on our room, i was surprised with the rose and the chocolates! *sweet*

that was sweet already even with only one rose since hubby is really not the romantic type. but at least he made the effort. that was enough for me.

i felt guilty though for not buying anything for him. but i have cooked him dinner anyways. hehehe. i hope that was enough for him.


on the contrary, my night ended up happy and lovely.