Friday, April 3, 2009

going filipini

this week, i've met two newly-hired filipinos in the office, Ms. R in regional finance and Mr. J in IT.


is the company having a transition here?

i was thinking [and a lot of Pana** officemates, too] that the company is going Kabayan this year. even in the company bus lately, i hear them [in their language] talking [and wondering, i think] why our very small population is increasing. except for the occasional english conversation they have, i don't understand them most of the time so i'm not sure what they really think about this recent move of the company.

to think that there is a recession, why are we hiring new people? and new people here means filipinos being hired.

this was the latest talk of the town and i don't care if they feel threathen with our growing presence [if that's how you call 10-15 filipinos roaming around the dubai office out of more or less 200 employees]

here's a little statistics report [not official, just based on my judgment?] in our dubai office:

50% -- pana
40% -- lebanese
8% or maybe less -- filipinos [or filipini as the arabs call us]
2% -- others

i remember one conversation from two pana officemates while we were in the company bus going home to sharjah.

pana 1: [talking to pana 2] have you seen the new employee hired in the accounts [finance]? i've heard she's a filipino.
pana 2: yeah i've heard that one but i haven't seen her. [then turning to me] is she your friend?
me: nope. i haven't met her yet but Ms. J told me she's part of the regional finance. maybe tomorrow i'll come by her cabin.
pana 1: are you filipinos good in finance?
me: yeah. not only in finance but also in other fields. we've got a lot of good nurses, doctors, engineers, teachers in the philippines and also abroad. why?
pana 1: coz in my previous company there were also a lot of filipinos but they are mostly secretaries or receptionists.
me: well you haven't met the rest of the filipino professionals here in uae. [almost in fighting mode] besides, i'm also in the finance department.
pana 2: [to pana 1] maybe that is why there are hiring filipinos now in accounts coz those lebanese [who are the bosses] know they are good.
me: just last week, my lebanese boss had asked me if i have a friend who is good in accounts [finance] and should be Filipini.
pana 2: they're still hiring?
me: i think so.

[i saw myself grinning in my window reflection]


**pana = indian