Monday, April 27, 2009

A Friend in Quarter-Life Crisis

One of my guy friends recently came here in Dubai, barely three months ago. Before and after P came here, for several times he had asked me and nagged me about his career life going “what-ifs”, his decisions being uncertain and his happiness nowhere at sight. I have jumpily concluded that he is actually having the “quarter-life crisis”.

He knows it!

He was the one who actually sent an e-mail to me 2 years ago. It’s the same e-mail that witsandnuts received and posted on her site.

And just minutes ago, my girl friend G messaged me about going to Spain or just going to any place where she could take a rest. That she feels so old and bored and needed to take a break. That if only she’s got the bucks, she would travel all around Europe and tag us along.

Hey, we’re just 25!

Same with my guy friend (who is a common friend), I told her that she’s having the same crisis. Then she was like “I’ve never heard quarter-life crisis. Is there such one?”

Yup G! E-mail sent to you just now!


witsandnuts said...

It's really a phase 'no? Dumaan din ako sa ganyan. =)

Yummybite said...

ako din...pero lilipas din naman. =)

kg said...

bakit ako hindi dumaan dyan? naku, sana wag naman in the future!

anyway, parang kakalungkot naman marinig yan. i mean 25 is such a young age to be in a "crisis". one should be enjoying life at this stage. alam mo ang tingin ko, people at those age are pressured into being successful already. para bang dapat may ganto ka nang job, may ganto ka nang na-achieve, etc. but in reality, you should just be on your first step to success (whatever that is). enjoy lang muna! :)

Yummybite said...

you're right kg! it all starts with expectations kaya yun, pressure.

Rico said...

I went through that too, but only for a while. It's just a phase. It'll get better.