Monday, April 27, 2009

Tuesday Night Gloom

Last night, me and hubby were watching the live telecast of Game 4 – Boston Celtics vs. Chicago Bulls at NBA Channel 55. It was rather late. 10.30pm to 12.30am.


It was so tiring, with all the nerve-wracking, reactive hitting and bone-crushing “hawak-kamay” of me and hubby throughout the game. Add to that the rash comments we throw out to Bulls players.


”Bakit foul si Perkins [Celtics player]? Eh tatanga-tanga lang yang si ----- [Chicago player I forgot the name]! Di tumitingin sa dinadaanan!”

“Shiyeet! Bakit nila hinayaang makapuntos? Bwiset!”

Bulls’ player having a free throw: “please don’t shoot, don’t shoot, don’t shoot…..[long silence habang di humihinga]…..whoohoooh!!! [nakahinga na ng maluwag dahil dininig ni Lord ang aking munting hiling]”

My Celtics were doing great but the Bulls were catching up fast and furious! I was heavy with emotions (also hubby, I think, because he grips my hand so tight on every “shooting” moments).

The last one minute of the second overtime, I decided to leave hubby on the telly coz I thought I needed some time to calm my “hyper” self. I have prepared myself for the bad news.

Ten minutes have passed, I was still waiting for hubby to come to our room and make the brutal announcement that the Bulls have won.

After another five minutes, hubby came in the room and I realized that my heart was still beating so fast. I have not calmed myself at all! Anyways, the inevitable was announced: the Bulls won but not without the Celtics shining in their last minute. Too late though.

Next: Game 5 on 28 April 2009, 7PM EDT, Boston homecourt



because of our agitated-state-of-mind, it was sooo late already when we came to dreamland. 2am!