Tuesday, April 21, 2009

going green, going boston!

A very good news this morning for me and hubby. We weren't able to watch Game 2 of Chicago Bulls vs Boston Celtics as it started at 7pm EDT 20 April, which is 3am of 21 April here.

I checked it out at Yahoo Sports – NBA this morning and I was so relieved that they won last night’s game.

Game 1 last 18 April gave me frustrations especially when Boston already had the chance winning through Pierce’s second freethrow: scoring 97-97!

The overtime game resulted in favor of Chicago Bulls at 105-103 (at Boston’s homecourt!).

So now I am so glad that Boston Celtics have tied it up with the Bulls. Big thanks to Ray Allen’s shooting skills.

Allen gives Celtics shot of confidence
By Peter May, Special to Yahoo! Sports

BOSTON – There still is no Kevin Garnett. There may be no more Leon Powe. Rajon Rondo is playing on an extremely gimpy ankle – and Paul Pierce loves where the Boston Celtics are in their entertaining first-round playoff series with the Chicago Bulls.

“I think we feel very confident because we feel like we haven’t played good basketball yet,” Pierce said on Monday, after the Celtics eked out a 118-115 victory over the Bulls to square the series at 1-1 on a Ray Allen 3-pointer with two seconds left. “We win [Game 2] and we feel like we should have won Game 1 and we just say, ‘I feel like this is pretty much our ‘C’ game. We are not a team that gives up 100 points in consecutive games. I think our best is yet to come.”

Read full article here

Next game: 8pm, 23 April at Chicago's homecourt.


rica said...

You're a big fan of Boston! I guess you can’t wait for the game for today and you will find a hard time to concentrate on your job! Right??? :D

Yummybite said...

hi rica! i'm a super big fan. but today's game will be shown here in dubai tomorrow early morning at 5AM, mainly because of the different timezones. hubby will be setting the alarm clock so we could watch. =) good thing it's a friday. [friday here is like sunday in philippines]