Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kitchen Experiment #2: Grilled Stuffed Squid

Hubby and I miss eating seafood so much. It was like months ago since the last time we bought fish or shrimp or crabs. So last Sunday, I headed to Kraz Supermarket after work to buy some fresh goodness prawns, squid, 1 big lapu-lapu and 3 big tilapias.

That night I have prepared Tempura shrimp for dinner. It was also a kitchen experiment but I chose not to post about it coz I wasn’t able to take pictures of the output. Besides, it was a bit of a disaster for me. I should have opted for buttered shrimps instead.

I have sworn to myself that next time, I should be more prepared with the recipe on my mind.

So yesterday, I was trying to remember that grilled stuffed squid we ate in a company party in Mimosa. All I could remember is that there is bell pepper and cheese in the stuffing. I’ve asked a former colleague about the recipe but she did not reply. Then I searched the recipe online but I can’t find the same stuffing that I like.

In the end, I just decided to stick with what I can remember.

What it’s made of:
10 pieces squid, 4-5 inches long
1 big tomato (depends on your liking)***
1 medium size yellow bell pepper***
1 medium size green bell pepper***
1 onion***
Cheddar cheese in small cubes
Soy sauce
Lemon or calamansi
Salt and pepper
Aluminum foil
***Note: tomatoes, onions and bell peppers here in the Middle East are bigger than the usual sizes in the Philippines. It’s up to you if you want to add the amount of veggies or other fillings you prefer.
How it is made:
1. Clean the squid first, remove innards if you like. It was actually my first time to clean a squid so I wasn’t sure what to remove or not. Hehehe.

2. In a big bowl, marinate the squid in soy sauce and lemon/calamansi juice for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

3. Mince the tomatoes, bell peppers and onions. Put them on a separate bowl and mix. Put salt and pepper.

4. Get one marinated squid and start putting the mixture inside. In my case, cheese first, then veggies, then cheese, then veggies. So as to spread the cheesiness while grilling.

5. Seal the stuffed squid with a toothpick in the opening.
6. Put the stuffed squid over a sheet of aluminum foil. Before covering it, put some of the veggie mixtures on the sides and pour a tablespoon of the marinade sauce. Cover squid and veggies in aluminum foil. Make sure that you have also cut out the pointed parts of the toothpicks so it won’t make holes in the foil.

7. Then grill it on a live coal (or a stove, just like me!) for 4-5 minutes on each side. Don’t overcook so the squid won’t have the rubberized feel.

8. For the sauce, put in a small bowl the soy sauce, lemon/calamansi juice and chillies.

We don't have live coals so i used the stove! 4-5 minutes for each side please!

Cooked already, this is how it looked like when I opened the foil.

My finish product: Grilled Squid Stuff plus some garnishing effects!

Serve it hot and creamy with this!

I grilled another batch for our lunch pack today!
My Mom will be proud of her undomesticated daughter.


witsandnuts said...

Whenever I crave for something grilled I go to Philippine House Restaurant (good thing it's near my place). But I think I'd like to try this one at home. =)

Yummybite said...

try it, try it! it was just easy anyway and you can stuff the squid anything you like. :)

kg said...

uy yummybite! ang sarap ng itsura, promise! napapkain tuloy ako ng squid!

Yummybite said...

naiinip na nga ako for lunchtime eh..19 minutes to go...tomguts nako! hehe =)

rica said...

Wow, wow! Looks yummy! :P Thanks for the recipe. I'll try to make it!

Yummybite said...

go rica! i know you can do it in a whip.

sheng said...

I'd love to try this one, but then again, for squids, i am the lone eater, i alone can appreciate what i made, the hubby does not eat squid eh.

Yummybite said...

toinks! too bad sheng. allergic ba sya?

ako naman kasi ngayon ko lang narealize that i enjoy cooking because i cook for my hubby. =)

Rico said...

Pwede pala mag grill sa stove! Sige gagayahin namin to!

Yummybite said...

hi rico! i have to be creative kasi sira yung griller namin. goodluck!

mabel said...

looks yummy...

Garando said...

Congrats! That squid looks really good! I'm a sucker for anything with cheese kase. :D
Try buying on of those iron grill pans. That's what we use to grill burgers and steaks and it works really well on a gas stove.