Tuesday, April 7, 2009

home e-bug

there's a bug in our home.

our internet line is going crazy.

4 days ago (Friday)
internet is fine and i still can do the usual bloghopping. can't log in to Yahoo Messenger, which is so important for me and hubby as this is one of the most practical ways to connect to your loved ones and friends here and in pinas

3 days ago (Saturday)
aside from i can't log in to YM, now even Gmail is inaccessible, which also means no access to my Blogger dashboard! we've been trying the YM for the whole day. our flatmate even tried to uninstall YM then reinstall it again. no hopes. i think it's the Etisalat [internet provider] connection that is bugged and has nothing to do with our hardware.

2 days ago (Sunday)
our flatmate X thinks she's going to die without the internet connection! she's been crazy in love and religiously watching the current [pinas] episodes of "Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang" at chismisan.com. i told her not to worry. it's just Sunday in pinas and there is in no way could she watch the Monday episode online!

we haven't called customer service yet. the landlord pays for the internet connection and he was out of reach at the moment.

however, hubby is glad that his nightly viewing of NBA standings is unaffected by this crisis. Boston Celtics' ranking as of today is no. 2 in the Eastern Conference with 58-19 win-loss ratings. the playoffs will start on the 18th this month and i hope they will play better and grab the championships once again!

me, on the other hand, is getting frustrated. i can't blog!

last night (Monday)
as i went home last night, Kuya J approached me for something really important. well, he just told me that there is completely NO internet connection since morning. okay, there's nothing i can do about it.

anyways, X was complaining again as expected. it's Monday and she won't be able to view her Marian-Dingdong tandem. good for me and hubby's ears. no screaming-and-kilig-moments tonight.

today (Tuesday)
i'm sneaking this post at the office while the "workload" is still on its way to my table [or Outlook]. hoping that the traffic is heavy. lol.

whatever happened to our internet connection [Oh! i sang "whatever happened to Amelia Earhart" on my mind...hehe], we're hoping it's something that can be resolved the soonest possible time, like today!

maybe the landlord forgot to pay the bill. "Arbab naman eh."


rica said...

Hi, yummybite-san!

I know how you feel when you lost your internet connection at abroad. I wish I could text my family and friends in Japan from here! As you know, here in the Philippines, we can buy Japanese drama DVDs at very reasonable price. When I’m homesick, I buy some DVDs and watch them all day! :-P

yummybite said...

thanks rica for dropping by. after one long week, i've finally regained my connection to the world-wide-web. thanks to the delayed payment of our landlord. :-D

Rico said...

Great new theme! Was I gone so long? Hehe
Good luck on the Internet connection. Hope it gets better. DId you try calling the Internet service provider?

Yummybite said...

we actually have the internet connection back after a week. the landlord forgot to pay the bill. dang! have a nice weekend! :)