Monday, April 27, 2009

lost his topspin?

stumbled upon this article on my sports widget about my beloved Roger Federer:

Nobody Can Shine Brightly Forever

Roger Federer has lost his topspin, at least according to one weekly magazine. There wasn’t a better tennis player on the planet from 2004-2007. He’ll go down as one of the best three ever to wield a racquet, and likely tie Pete Sampras for the Grand Slam record this year. Nobody can stay on top forever. Nadal’s the best now, and maybe he’ll enjoy that spot for a year or two before some other hotshot emerges. The same’s going to happen to Tiger Woods. And LeBron. And Pujols. (Newsweek)

i really hope not...

Come on Roger! Get the next Grand Slam!

Although it would be a bit tough thinking that the next Grand Slam will be on Nadal's territory...


kg said...

i REFUSE to believe that! :)

Yummybite said...

ako rin! huhuhu! di ko matatanggap.